Tube Tech, Projects and Schematics

    On this page I have the above three categories. I have some tech stuff that might help the audiophile/hobbyist get the most from his projects. I will discuss both the textbook explanations of the technology and the experimentally discovered seemingly non-technical of even personally experienced "phenomena" that makes the mysterious and even down right metaphysical aspect of tube tricks worth trying out, if not testable by equipment. Since many claim the same effect, in spite of being unmeasurable, I take it as being true. While people like me are being called quacks, we must realize that even Stephen Hawking must be called a quack in this vein since he believes in the Many Worlds interpretation of quantum physics. It can't be proven, it can't be tested, but many like him believe in it. SO, on to the fun!


    There are many aspects of audio that a hobbyist could get into, depending on their wallets (or whatever holder of the gold coin one carries with them). There are three that I will discuss here.

Purchase expensive already made equipment.

Purchase second hand stuff and rebuild/modify it.

Design and build from scratch.

Personally, I prefer the second two. I have bought new equipment, but usually mid-fi, and I modify it when I get it home anyway. In the Projects page I will discuss the current projects I am working on. In the schematics page I will display the best of the schematics I have used. In the Tech page I will discuss the technologies of audio and their technical versus real world affects on audio. Much will be theory based on experiment but I will provide as much technical and scientific support as needed. Also included will be psychoacoustics and physics (geophysics, acoustic physics, quantum physics, etc.), audio being a multi-disciplinary art. Included on all the pages will be contributions from others.




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