"Bring me your tired amplifiers, your broken radios, and your weak electronics..."

Ok, this isn't a nation of refuge where one can run to start a new life, but it is a place where your old equipment can start a new life.

Have you just picked up a gem of an amplifier, or "antique" radio, that just isn't working quite right or that you would like to improve the quality of, and wish you knew how or knew someone who could fix it or make it work better? Well here we are! Why spend hundreds of dollars buying new equipment where for a fraction of the cost you can rejuvenate and even improve the quality of your existing equipment? With these days of uncertain economic direction, it would be wise to save where you can and cut corners. We allow you to do that without having to sacrifice your escape from the day's worries.

These days of disposable everything electronic, it is becoming rare to find an electronics professional who knows enough to be able to repair those old electronics, because nowadays all one does to repair a TV or VCR is replace a board. In fact, electronics is getting so cheap that one doesn't even bother to repair anymore, not when the cost of repair virtually equals the cost of a new one. It is a sad state of technology when I have been asked by professors 'Should I remove the basic electronics sections from my textbooks' (Winfield Hill, writer of "The Art of Elctronics", paraphrased) and "Should I cut out the calculus from my curriculum?" These are two of the basic necessities to understanding the vast science of electronics. Without it true understanding of the components cannot be achieved.

Those old devices were repairable down to the resistor or capacitor. That takes real understanding of the components and circuits that make up the device. There are many who still have these old pieces of equipment, and those who collect them.

That is where we come in. For a reasonable fee plus parts and shipping, we will take in those old products and make them like new. We will rebuild, modify, repair and whatever you request. Here is an example of a full rebuild/restoration/restification.


These are the items we take in:

Tube amplifiers and tuners
Older model solid state amlifiers
Musical intrument amplifiers (guitar, bass)
Antique radios
High fidelity speakers

These are the services provided:


Repair: Troubleshooting and replacement of defective components except power and output transformers. If transformers are defective, replacement with new manufacture transformers may be necessary and will fall under the category of restification, unless NOS replacements can be found. Customer will be contacted with price and option to refuse. Refusal of repair will fall under "Estimate" and customer will only be charged $20 USD plus shipping.

Restoration: Recapping, re-resistoring, resocketing, rewiring of tube amplifiers. Any combination or all of them.

Restifying: A combination of restoration and modification, where most of the components are renewed and circuit modified for better performance. Transformer upgrade optional.

Higher dollar high quality components optional for both. This includes: gold contacts, tantalum resistors (if available), paper in oil capacitors, silver wire, high quality plastic potentiometers (volume controls), high quality gold contact switches, and more.


Repair: Replacement of defective components with OEM components. Fully tested and guaranteed to be up to original specifications.

Restifying: Modifying for better performance, to the point of including the "solid state tube" as part of the modification for the tubelike wamth and musicality. Modification includes the use of higher quality solid state components, modification of the power supply for more solid and noise free performance, and rewiring with thicker wiring (or silver wire, if specified) for better signal transfer. Also as an option the replacing of jacks to gold plated ones and the replacement of two wire AC to grounded three prong AC where feasible.


Repair: Repair of cabinet and radio using either new components or NOS. Knobs may be replaced with NOS (if available) or custom made. Dial "glass" and dials are reproduction.

Restoration: Including recapping, re-resistoring, rewiring, and resocketing. Chassis cleaning, and woodwork rebuilding or restoring. Recapping and re-resistoring can be done with new components for optimum performance, or NOS components for authentic original performance. Be mindful that NOS components are becoming increasingly scarce and may not be practical, and the cost may be prohibitive.

Restification: All new components, wire and sockets, and modification of sockets to be able to use newer, higher performance tubes. The newer tubes are current production and less expensive. Original sockets will be kept in order to be able to retain the original tubes for authenticity, but socket adapters will be used. Speakers may also be replaced with new permanent magnet speakers, with field coil being replaced with chokes for power supply filtering. (Field coils generally performed two roles; creating the magnetic field for the speaker, and filtering hum in the power supply. A separate choke will perform the same function, while a new speaker with a permanent magnet can keep the cost down while providing a higher quality sound. NOS speakers are virtually impossible to find, unless scavenged from unrepairable duplicate radios.) This is optional.


Repair: Original drivers replaced where practical. Crossover components replaced if burned out. Cabinets glued if necessary.

Resoration: Original drivers replaced where practical. Many manufacturers discontinue their drivers when the speaker is discontinued. Cabinets renewed, new veneer and cleaning. New replacement connectors. New compatible wiring. New crossover components where required.

Restification: Better drivers. Better crossover network to bring out the best of the drivers. Better acoustic characteristics by stuffing and/or port tuning. High quality high fidelity wiring.


We also custom design and hand craft amplifiers and speakers to your specifications. Amplifiers can be solid state or tube, up to 200 watts. Our hi-fi and musical instrument amplifers are said to be quite musical and natural sounding. Musical instrument amplifiers customized for all desired effects.

Speaker systems are designed for musicality and wide applications. That is, they sound equally good with solid state and tube amplifiers, with 6 watts to 200 watts of power. Crossover networks custom designed for precise matching and the smoothest of transitions from one driver to the next (woofer to midrange to tweeter). Drivers used depends on customer request for cost. High quality will be maintained throughout the line. Cabinets can be either red oak veneer or painted to the desired color to match home decor. Speaker size ranges from 6" two way bookshelf to 12" floor standing three or four way.


Repair or restore of ALL components:        $40 USD plus parts and shipping

Restification of ALL components:               $65 USD plus parts and shipping

Rebuilding woodwork for antique radios
and speakers:                                               Additional $75 USD plus parts and shipping

Custom Design and manufacture
of amplifiers and musical instrument
amplifiers and speakers:                               From $100.00 up, plus parts and shipping.

Estimate only:                                              $20 USD plus shipping.

We will contact customer with estimate of costs for a complete job. All work guaranteed for one year and covers parts and labor for normal use of the product. We will pick up if within a 100 mile radius of Richmond, VA., and the component is too heavy for shipping. A deposit of $20 required.

Check, Money Order or Credit Card via PAYPAL accepted.

Email me with requests.

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