My First Power Supply  This is a simple but detailed project to power your tube amplifier projects. It provides suficient current and voltage (B+ and filament) to power a small (15 Watt per channel)push pull stereo amplifier. I supply a suggested power transformer. Other parts can be gotten from calculations and what your local supply house or junk box has on hand.

 My First Tube Amplifier  A simple yet detailed look at designing a one tube line amplifier. Two can be made for stereo. The above power supply will adequately supply this amp.

 Solid State "Tube" Power Amplifier.  I know, "C'mon, gabe, give us a break! Nobody can make transistors sound like tubes!" But I have done so. I think. This is actually my first attempt at a power amplifier version of my pre-amp circuit. Until now I have made standard amps in SS. Check it out.

 18 Watt Push-Pull Power amp.  I know, everyone and their brother has made one. But they usually use the "concertina" (cathodyne) or differential phase splitter. I am using a variation of the old Magnavox tube amp commonly found in their console stereos of the early sixties. It will have a 6BQ5/6EU7/5U4 tube compliment with a line amp and phono amp that also use 6EU7's.

 Single Ended Tube Power Amplifier. My attempt at a Single Ended tube amp. The tube compliment is the 6SL7 and the 6L6GC. The power supply is solid state. The amp features a phono pre with passive RIAA right out of the RCA manual. The power amp will have sufficient gain to accomodate line inputs. It uses a cathode follower design for low distortion. I will attempt to make it no NFB, but I think I may use some anyway to limit gain. The output trannies are standard consumer product jobs but it still sounds great.

 Solid State Tube microphone preamp. Here I give a minimal description of a microphone preamp I am currently constructing and having professionally tested. More will follow as testing progresses.

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