The Physics page

I don't have that much knowledge in this vast field, but what I have thought about and learned and used will be discussed here. There are papers about light, quantum entanglement, particle physics (what are those little buggers made of anyway?), and several other physics subjects either linked to or directly contributed.

 The Nature of Light The question of the nature of light has boggled my mind for at least 15 years. Not that I am that much of an idiot or do not understand some of the most basic of quantum physics laws. I merely could not accept the "duality" of light. I believe that light is purely an EM and that our eyes, plant leaves, and solar cells are merely receptors of the EM energy that react differently, producing effects that may be misleading, in spite of the repeatability of the experiments that seem to "prove" the particle nature of light. Let me know what you think.

 Neutronics and Biomimetic technology.  This is a joint paper written by Professor Ronald Blue of Lehigh College and myself. He is the developer of Correlational Opponent Processing, a paper where he describes his theory of how our brains store memories, comparing it to holography. He calls it quasi-holography. If one were to think of particulate matter as the electron model in the linked paper here, then one can visualize the validity of COP theory and how Neutronics Technologies Corporation has been able to accomplish the creation of a processor based on the theories. Lee Kent Hempfling is the developer of the Neutronics Dynamic System, where EM at the quantum level is manipulated by external stimuli to form the "quasi-holographic" memories that are stored in memory, later to be recalled and comared to new stimuli for decision making for the robotics interfaces.