I do not remember which model 600 this is, but it is one of them. I have played this radio and am pleased with its simplicity and sensitivity. It even sounds real nice! I have only used it on battery because the rectifier tube is missing and difficult to come by. Antique Electronic supply only seems to have the solid state version so I hesitate only because another person recommends against it.

    The power cord retractor mechanism had some piece broken on it so I removed it for now. The handle and gray door that houses the log book on top were also missing. Also the antenna is spring loaded. But the piece that allows it to remain in the retractible position is broken. There is a ring on the antenna that has an opening on part of it. The cap is supposed to have a clip that when the antenna is puched down and the cap is twisted (like a volume control) causes a bend in the clip to go over the ring, holding the antenna in the down position. When twisted to the open part, the antenna pops up about two inches and one can further pull it up to a full three foot (or so) length. A real neat novelty! I haven't yet decided if I want to fully restore this one yet but I like it too much not to. Perhaps when my other three restoration projects are done I will hunt for the pieces.