For those who have recently purchased a Magnavox Console tube stereo or the chassis, CGV Electronics is proud to offer the MAG-1515 kit without transformers or chassis at an affordable price.

The kits include all parts to virtually rebuild the amps to like new condition, except for the chassis, transformers and choke.

Included in the kits are:

  • Easy to follow instructions for the MAG-1515 with word descriptions, pictorial diagrams, and schematic.
  • Tube sockets for all the tubes
  • 2% tolerance high quality metal film resistors
  • High quality 10% matched polypropeline capacitors
  • High quality matched set Electro Harmonix output tubes, 6EU7's 12AT7's or 12AX7's (whichever applies), and rectifier tubes.
  • The tweaks in the appropriate places to get the most out of this magnificent circuit without losing that magnificent sonic signature.
  • Extra terminal strips
  • RCA jacks
  • Output banana jack sockets, industry standard spacing.
  • High quality stranded wire
  • 3 conductor computer grade cable (direct solder only)
  • Power switch
  • Fuse holder with 3 amp slo-blo fuse.
  • Hardware to mount the sockets and terminal strips.
  • 6 months of technical support

  • Currently only the MAG-1515 is available (the 93-00 series amps with the 6BQ5/EL84 output tubes and 6EU7 pre/drivers), but I will be putting together kits for the 6L6 based amps, and the bi-amp consoles, as well as the 6BQ5 singel ended amps.

    Price for the 93-00 series 6BQ5 based push-pull 15 watt per channel amp:

    KIT - $250 plus $20 shipping

    If you'ld like us to do it - $50 additional. That includes cleaning the chassis if necessary within reason).

    Look for the next series' kits coming soon!


    Email me with your order. Please provide your mailing address. We accept Paypal (you can use your credit card and it is free and easy and secure for you. Just use my email address, or mail me a check or money order. I will provide mailing details upon inquiry.

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