Sales of amplifiers and kits and free technical information
for the relentless pursuit of purist audio by any means.

Due to lack of response, "Services" will no longer be offered until further notice.


     We offer a line of high quality audio amplifiers at very reasonble consumer prices. We believe that one can have their cake and eat it too when it comes to high fidelity tube audio equipment. We offer a line of power amplifiers, integrated amplifiers, and preamps (soon), using both Push-Pull for high power punch and Single Ended for the sweet audio experience. On this site we also have technical papers and schematics of the various circuits we have built and some from other people who wish to submit them.

    We also have some interesting science subjects and discussions on subjects such as astronomy, quantum physics, and artificial intelligence, among other things. Since audio is a multi-discipline art, we also have discussions on psychoacoustics, music and geophysics.

    PLEASE email us with comments and suggestions. If you would like to make written contributions, we would be glad to add them to this site with all rights and honorable mentions involved. We would like this site to be your ultimate source for electronics info. Your opinions and contributions will be highly valued. If you have any questions please EMAIL me.

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    UPDATE 08/24/2001-


The CGV-SST1 Solid State tube preamplifier built or kit. That's right! A true tubelike sound from transistors. No hash, no graininess, just clean warm image intense sound... for a fraction of the tube cost! And built "point to point" at that!


The MAG-1515 15 WPC Push Pull tube amplifier built or kit.

Read all about it HERE!

NOW HERE! A 6 watt per channel SE amp or kit, 6SL7/6L6 complement.

Read about it HERE!

NOW HERE! A 300B simple cheap SE 6 watt per channel stereo amplifier.

Read about it HERE!

    CAUTION - In the tube section there are projects that require dangerously high voltages. Exersize extreme care when handling power supplies. Always wait for capacitors to drain before working on tube equipment that has been operating. Before working on tube equipment, make sure all caps are drained by shorting them out with an insulated piece of wire or an insulated tool (screwdriver or long nose pliers) taking care not to touch anything with your bare skin. It has been discussed on the rec.antique.radio+phono group that voltage even as low as 25 volts can do harm. This is confirmed in my little pocket engineers handbook. Please be careful!

    Feel free to look  around!



    An easy index of the contents of these pages.

   Antique Radio

    My growing collection of Antique Radios primarily from the twenties and thirties. Some include restoration projects and all have pictures.


Thank You!


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