More comments from my customers:

Ryan Wolfert:

Ryan likes the CGV-0606 so much he added the following statements. He had a couple of minor and easily correctable problems with the kit, due to my error, that I helped him with and he successfully built it. Italic comments mine.

Hello Gabe,

I must say I was VERY surprised as well (regarding the improvement over the Air Tight). I got a REAL good deal on the Air Tight... but they retail for around $7500.  I didn't know what to expect from your amp.  I must say... I was hoping for the best though.  That is why when it was first done... I was let down (due to an error in the instructions, he missed one ground connection), and started buying back into the marketing hype (in terms of "you get what you pay for").  You know... I started thinking... "did I really expect a $500 amp to sound as good or better then a $7500 amp".  It was really an experiment for me. Then... once things got squared away... it REALLY sounded better.  Even if it wasn't better... it was AT LEAST on par with the ATM-2. Maybe it is because it is single ended... I dunno.  I do know what I hear though, and it is VERY pure. I was expecting the bass to lack a little... not so.  I swear it is even tighter and more prominent (go figure).  I even had the full NOS compliment on the Air Tight.  Tung Sol 6550s (from the early 60s), and Telefunken 12AX7s and 12AU7s, and then black plate 12BH7s.  Kinda scary that it even approaches the level of performance (and betters it IMHO).  I have heard detail that I didn't hear before (and the funny thing is... when I got the Air Tight, I heard detail that I previously didn't hear)!  I try not to get all snotty about critical listening like some people... but when you listen to quality equipment... and you LOVE music like I do... you almost can't help but notice the differences.  Am I gonna say that I can tell the difference using 2 different solders?... hell no. But I really think that the amp sounds that good (I have no reason to lie to myself... I think?!).

Take care,