These are a few of my fa-vo-rite liiiinks! (sung to the tune of "These are a few of my favorite things" from "The Sound of Music")


D. W. Fearn Tube Microphone Amplifiers

    This guy makes tube microphone amps. The latest Paul Simon CD was recorded exclusively through his VT2. The sound is phenomenal. You may need to turn down the volume though, because tubes tend to sound louder than solid state. This is a phenomenon that he himself had experimented with. He too a solid state high end mike amp and set it to a certain volume level ad took one of his and set it to the same level, but the tube amp sounded subjectively louder.

 D. W. Fearn

Audio Web

A site I found by accident while looking for another defunct site, this one has lots of goddies.

Audio Web


A great site with beautifully written technical articles on tube amplifier design, and a source for tube design software.


Pat's Schematics

    This guy has tons of tube schematics, and is an all round nice guy. He designs consoles for studios in Canada.

 Pat Morford's tube schematics.

Steve Bench

    What can I say about this guy? He is in my opinion an electronics genius. Look around his site and judge for yourself. He is very informative and helpful. I am impressed with his integration of solid state technology with tube technology. His battery operated amp is amazing, though simple.

 Steve Bench

Decware DIY speakers and tube amplifiers

    This guy makes speakers, cabinets and tube amps. He boasts a "tube amp for the masses". I have never heard it myself, but judging from the schematic and the likelihood that the output transformers are second to none, I would bank on the claims of the peolpe who actually bought one and have written him about their experinces. ne of themost intrigueing of his designs is a subwoofer enclosure that uses purely acoustic means to both set the frequency response and boost the bass.  It is approximately 1' X 1' X 1.47' and has a 7"X 4" half moon mouth. The response is "got to hear it to believe!"


Pyramid Audio

Manufacturer of high quality SRPP based EL34 power amplifiers. They are made on wood base for a rich style for not only quality sound but aesthetically pleasing decor.

Pyramid Audio

Mediumwave Associates.

Here is a terrific site offering high quality AA5 tube radios. They come in AM only and AM-SW. Too bad they are no longer in business, though. But the site is still there.

The Crystal Set Society.

Here is a site dedicated to the preservation of the crystal radio hobby. Includes kits, parts, references and a forum.


These guys are transformer experts, among other things. This is who Mike LaFevre is associated with. Check 'em out.


Triode Electronics

    This company is one of the best tube and all round electronics supply houses I have ever seen. Next to Antique electronic supply (they are equal in my eyes). Ned Carlson is also in my opinion a very experienced and knowledgable source of info. His info is remeniscent of the old school where an engineer not only needed to know the theory but also the practical application. In other words he needed to know how to solder and what a capacitor looks like. Don't get me wrong, I do not hold engineers in contempt, it is just that these days the technology is so vast that colleges are actually cutting out sections of basic electronics to make room for it all. How sad.

 Triode Electronics


This site is full of fun schematics.

 Tube Amplifier Schematics


    This company I found by accident, or should I say they found me. I made some statements about how I believe the brain works on a news group and the CEO wrote and told me of his patented designs. One thing led to another and he made me V.P. of R&D. He is the discoverer of a system that takes advantage of quantum entanglement and is using it as memory. The device he calls little RICCI, which stands for Real Independent Computational Control Intelligence, works with no current flow! I saw it and am making a second generation LR unit that can also hear and make sound for echo location. LR1 currently uses light intensity and color. It learns its environment by experience, and stores it in memory. It recalls from memory its envoronment and makes decisions of motion based on memory. Like us.

 Neutronics Technologies Corporation

American Institute of Physics

This site has weekly articles of recnt discoveries and experiments in all aspects of phisics from acoustic waves to the use of fullerenes to Bose-Einstein condensate experiments and more.

AIP Weekly News